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Moxibustion is a technique that can be combined with acupuncture or it can be used without needles. An herb called mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) is burned, in the form of a cigar or cones, a certain distance from the acupuncture points. This technique helps add heat to cold conditions or when one is in a weak physical state. It reinforces the organism and restores the energy balance. The heat penetrates deeply within the body and stimulates the circulation of Qi and the blood (see acupuncture).
It is particularly effective for chronic pathologies, for conditions of physical weakness and can be safely used for treating elderly people and children.


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Cupping is an ancient technique that restores the organism’s balance. It entails the application of one or more cups onto the skin through a “sucking” effect that adheres to the body. The very relaxing application can last 5 to 20 minutes and stimulates the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system. By sliding the cups along the back one gives a massage that works gently on varied layers of the skin and muscles. Cupping therapy can be considered a “reflex-stimulating” therapy seeing as it utilizes the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It acts on the acupuncture points and can help to reestablish the functioning of the organism or the part that is out of balance.


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Auricular therapy involves intervening on specific points of the ear which reflects the entire human organism in a detailed way. The ear is a place where precise correspondent energetic canals converge with organs and functions of the body. These acupuncture points are stimulated through various methods to treat organic ailments and various energetic imbalances. I use auricular therapy together with acupuncture for various disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, lower back pain, neck pain, periarthritis of the shoulder and infertility along with gastrointestinal and menstrual disorders. It is also used to aid with diets, to assist people who have stopped or want to quit smoking and to help people who are going through a life change.


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A healthy diet is closely connected to your psychophysical well-being. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine diet, every type of food has a property that influences the body. Food can have a hot or cold property, can be spicy, sweet, acidic or neutral and this doesn’t always correspond to the taste we perceive. Depending on the condition of our bodies we need a balanced diet. For example, if one has a cold interior it would be harmful to add foods with cold characteristics. Instead one should create a balance between the body and nutrition. During pregnancy it is important to maintain the proper intake of food, taking into consideration all the energy that is needed to nourish a new life.

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